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Scarlet ibisesEat Like A Bird

Scarlet ibises are beautiful birds with two very noticeable features: their beautiful scarlet feathers and their extremely long and thin beaks! Scarlet ibises use their long and slender beaks to search for food in the shallow waters of South America. They eat crustaceans like shrimp and crabs, which actually makes their feathers turn that beautiful color! They do have one hurdle while eating this delicious food because instead of having arms like humans, they have wings!

Activity: Could you survive with only a beak? Try to build your very own beak. Some materials that could be helpful are twigs, pencils and rubber bands. Try to pick up objects around your home. Go outside and try to pick up sticks and leaves just using your beak and build a shelter. Hungry? Try to get food to your mouth using just your beak!