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Penguin Parent Challenge

Humboldt penguinsHumboldt Penguins are the cutest! I hope that doesn’t make them blush... (Fun fact, Humboldt penguins blush when they get too hot.) These birds live in South America, where it gets both very cold and very hot. When they lay their eggs they have to make sure to keep them warm and safe. They do this by keeping the egg between their legs and letting it rest on their feet. Can you do the same thing? Grab a small ball and put it between your feet. Can you walk across the room? If it’s hard, do you think you could build something to help make it easier? Take some recycled materials and design your own penguin feet!

Tip: Instead of a ball you can use a stuffed animal, small pillow or backpack! Parents, join in on the fun! Make it a competition: Who can hold it the longest, walk the farthest or walk the fastest?