Virtual Lessons

Thumb Challenge

Spider monkeySpider monkeys are known for their long arms, legs and tail. Spider monkeys have “prehensile” tails. That means that their tail can grab and hold onto things just like our hands. But something many people don’t know is that spider monkeys only have 4 fingers! Spider monkeys are born without thumbs. Do you think it would be easy or hard to do things without thumbs? You don’t have to guess, because you can try it at home.

Activity: Take a piece of cloth -- it can be a bandanna, some fabric or even some yarn -- and have a parent tie your thumb down. You can even use a glove! Put your fingers inside the glove but not the thumb. This way your thumb will be touching your palm and you won’t be able to use it. Try to do everyday tasks like writing your name, drawing a picture or cleaning. Want an even bigger challenge? Have a parent tie down both thumbs and try to do everyday tasks! Take photos and tag us on social media using #ZooSocietyMKE.