Kohl's Wild Theater

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Why do we love Kohl’s Wild Theater?

Kohl’s Wild Theater is made possible by a partnership between Kohl's, the Milwaukee County Zoo and the Zoological Society of Milwaukee. This educational and fun-filled program provides theater performances with a conservation theme, using drama, songs and puppetry. Kohl’s Wild Theater performs for children and their families not only at the Milwaukee County Zoo but also at schools, festivals and community events.

See Kohl’s Wild Theater at the Zoo

From Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day, live performances take place four times daily at the Kohl's Wild Theater stage. You also can enjoy the spontaneity of an at-exhibit interaction with our actors during the day at various exhibits throughout the Zoo.

Bring Kohl’s Wild Theater to You

Throughout the year, Kohl’s Wild Theater brings live, educational, family-friendly shows to schools, libraries and various community events within a one-hour radius of the Zoo, completely free of charge.

Aldo Leopold and the Ghost of Sand County

A tough-talking chickadee teaches Estella Leopold (Brittany Curran) and Nina Leopold (Rae Pare) to stand up for themselves in "Aldo Leopold and the Ghost of Sand County."

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