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Zoological Society of Milwaukee Conservation Programs

Bonobo Species Survival Plan

The Zoological Society of Milwaukee is the primary supporter and headquarters of the Bonobo Species Survival Plan (SSP). The bonobo is a highly endangered great ape and is regarded as the species that most closely resembles our early human ancestors. The Bonobo SSP, under the auspices of the American Zoo and Aquarium Association, scientifically manages bonobos held in North American zoos through breeding and animal care recommendations to maintain a healthy, self-sustaining population. The Bonobo SSP works cooperatively with its European counterpart to manage the world captive bonobo population.

Bonobo and Congo Biodiversity Initiative

The Zoological Society of Milwaukee has built a program of activities in the Democratic Republic of Congo comprising our Bonobo and Congo Biodiversity Initiative (BCBI). The bonobo, a great ape, is ranked among the six African primate species of highest conservation priority and is found only in the Congo. The program integrates habitat and rainforest preservation, capacity building for national conservation institutions, training for Congolese nationals, wildlife population assessment and monitoring, environmental education, and assistance to those dedicated to the rehabilitation of orphaned bonobos in the Congo.

Zoological Society of Milwaukee Education Programs

Wildlife Conservation Grants for Graduate Student Research

The Wildlife Conservation Grant for Graduate Student Research program offers competitive grants to graduate students attending Wisconsin universities who are conducting wildlife conservation research. This program strives to promote excellence in the field of conservation biology and is the only one of its kind in Wisconsin.

Animal Ambassador Programs

These programs offer second- through fourth-grade students from metro-Milwaukee schools in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods the opportunity to learn about animal adaptations and habitats. The program lessons are taught by Zoological Society educators both in school classrooms and at the Milwaukee County Zoo.

School Programs

The ZSM's Conservation Education Department designs science education programs to provide students of all ages with inquiry-based, hands-on activities capitalizing on the animal collection at the Milwaukee County Zoo. Teachers benefit from standards-based content and pedagogy. Learn more about specific programs offered this semester.

Student Interns

College interns are essential to the Education Department, assisting staff with Zoo workshops and other activities. As a result, interns gain direct job-related experience in program creation, curriculum planning and teaching in a non-formal classroom.

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