A Few Things to Know as a Member...

Visiting Another State?

View our current reciprocal list and find out if there is a zoo or aquarium in the region you are visiting. Participation in this exchange is voluntary; so if an organization is not on our list, it has chosen not to be included. Occasionally, zoos decide they no longer wish to participate after we have published the list. Please contact the zoo or aquarium to confirm they will honor your Zoological Society of Milwaukee membership. Note that most reciprocal institutions honor up to a Family level membership with the definition of two adults and two children. Also, some zoos/aquariums do not honor free admission for their special events.

Zoological Society Office Hours

Now through Oct. 31, 2021, Zoological Society office hours are 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., seven days a week.

Our office is open for all Zoo special events and member premieres. Plus, you can call anytime to leave us a message. Your call will be returned promptly. Just call 414-258-2333.

Zoo Hours & Mask Policy

Now through Oct. 31, 2021, the Zoo is open from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., with admission gates closing at 3:45 p.m. Animal buildings close 15 minutes prior to Zoo closing time.

Masks are no longer required in outdoor areas at the Zoo. Masks and physical distancing will continue to be required inside all Zoo buildings. The Zoo’s outdoor habitats are currently open, along with most animal buildings open at 100% capacity. Primates of the World is closed.


We've Got You Covered

Just give us a call if you’ve welcomed an addition into your family so we can update our records for your Family Zoo Pass. Even if your "recent arrival" does not qualify for the admission rates, we need to have the total number of the member's minor children reflected in your membership records for the Zoo’s admission gates. Please note that if you are a daycare provider for numerous children, your Society membership does not cover the children for whom you provide babysitting or daycare services.

Match Your Contribution

Because more of our memberships are now tax-deductible, please check whether your employer will MATCH your contribution to the Zoological Society. If it does, all you need to do is submit your company’s matching-gift form with your payment and your membership, animal sponsorship or Annual Appeal donation, and we’ll take care of the rest. You get the benefit of knowing you’ve helped support the animals, and your company gets the benefit of making a tax-deductible contribution to an organization you support.

Zoo Admission

Please remember to have your Zoo Pass and identification ready when you arrive at the Zoo’s admission gates. If you’ve misplaced or lost your card, contact our office prior to your Zoo visit to make entry into the Zoo easier. If you have changed your address on your identification, a replacement Zoo Pass can be purchased through our office for $5.00. Zoo Pass free admission and parking do not apply when visiting the Zoo on a school field trip or with a company picnic.

School Field Trips and Company Picnics

For members visiting the Zoo with an organized class field trip or company picnic, members’ free admission benefits do not apply. Due to the many busloads of school groups visiting the Zoo, county policy does not permit Zoo gate attendants to verify individual memberships among busloads of people.


Members who have one nanny or daycare individual can have that person bring your children to the Zoo on a Family + 1 membership as the guest of your children. Please contact our office to upgrade to a Family + 1 category and provide the name of the caregiver so proper identification can be issued.

Electronic Coupons for Renewing Early

In response to the wishes of our members, we began sending membership renewals notices just one month prior to your expiration date. We send a second notice in the month of expiration if you have not yet renewed, and a final notice in the month after your membership has expired. We have eliminated one renewal from the cycle. Members who renew early are eligible for zoo attraction coupons. Please read your renewal form carefully to take advantage of the early renewal coupon offer. Coupons are not redeemable for cash and expired coupons cannot be replaced.

Please note that attraction coupons are valid for the following Zoo attractions: North Shore Bank Safari Train; Penzeys Carousel; and the summer special exhibit. Coupons are no longer valid at the Oceans of Fun Seal and Sea Lion Show because it is a private attraction not run by Zoo staff.

Zoo Pass Cards

We use recycled plastic for our Zoo Pass cards. We also keep track of coupons electronically. Just have your card scanned for admission to the North Shore Bank Safari Train; Penzeys Carousel; and the summer special exhibit. We no longer have paper coupons.

Nothing to Lose

Please renew on your first notice to make sure your membership benefits are uninterrupted. This also helps us reduce costs. Your membership is extended for 12 months from your current expiration date. You never lose time on your membership when you renew early. You just get your new card earlier.

Moving Soon?

Please call us with your address change so you continue to receive our mailings. We can't invite you to all of the great events if we don't know where to find you. If you have changed your address on your identification, a replacement Zoo Pass can be purchased through our office for $5.

Tax-Deductible Portion of Your Zoo Pass

All or part of your Society membership is tax-deductible. The tax-deductible portions for the following categories are:

  • Individual (Basic: $65, Plus: $76)
  • Individual + 1 (Basic: $80, Plus: $90)
  • Couple (Basic: $80, Plus: $90)
  • Individual + 2 (Basic: $85, Plus: $105)
  • Family (Basic: $85, Plus: $105)
  • Single Adult Family (Basic: $85, Plus: $105)
  • Family + 1 (Basic: $104, Plus: $114)
  • Family + 2 (Basic: $111, Plus: $123)
  • Family + 3 (Basic: $127, Plus: $136)
  • Affiliate (Basic: $159, Plus: $162)
  • Benefactor (Basic: $223, Plus: $225)

A gift Zoo Pass is fully tax-deductible.

Order a Zoo Pass

If you prefer to mail your order in with a check, use these convenient order forms:

New Zoo Pass or Zoo Pass Plus!
Zoo Pass as a Gift

Much of your Zoo Pass donation is tax deductible. The benefits of a Zoo Pass can often exceed the amount of the donation, therefore your Zoo Pass donation is non-refundable.