Sponsor an Animal

Sponsor an Animal

Reticulated giraffe, Bahatika

Sponsor an Animal is a program of the Zoological Society of Milwaukee. Sponsorships help us fulfill our mission to conserve wildlife and endangered species, educate people about the importance of wildlife and the environment, and support the Milwaukee County Zoo.

Animal sponsorships are renewable each year. You may choose to continue supporting the same animal, or you may change to a different animal. All the animals listed are available to an unlimited number of sponsors. If you would like to be the only sponsor of an animal, please contact our office at (414)-258-2333 for more information.

What’s included when I sponsor an animal?

You can sponsor an animal at a variety of dollar levels. Please click here for a complete listing of benefits at each level.


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Give kids a chance to make a difference – after all, they're our future conservationists! The Zoological Society's Kids Conservation Club gives children the scoop on endangered species and ways to help these animals survive. Each year, Kids Conservation Club members sponsor an endangered animal at the Milwaukee County Zoo. Upon renewal, club members sponsor a different endangered animal chosen by the Zoological Society staff.


If you sponsor an animal as a gift, benefits apply to the gift recipient. Gift donors, however, are invited to the Animal Safari, an exclusive, behind-the-scenes event for animal sponsors.


Would you like to sponsor just one special animal at the Milwaukee County Zoo? Most animals available for sponsorship through the Zoological Society's Sponsor an Animal program have several sponsors. Some animals, however, are available for sponsorship by just one person or group. These animals can be sponsored by an individual or a family. If you are interested in sponsoring one of these animals, please call (414) 258-2333, ext. 201, for more information.


Special benefits are available to school and youth groups who participate in the program. All school and youth groups receive a picture of their sponsored animal at the $25 donation level and up. For those groups who sponsor an animal at the $100 level or higher, we will arrange an informal zookeeper presentation during a field trip to the Milwaukee County Zoo. (A minimum donation of $150 is required for school/youth groups with more than 130 students to receive the zookeeper presentation benefit.) This is a great opportunity to talk with someone who works directly with the animals and to ask questions. Keeper presentations are held from October through April and must be scheduled four to five weeks prior to your visit.


If you work for an organization that has a matching-gifts program for cultural institutions, your company may be able to match your donation. Send the appropriate form available through your company, along with your donation or proof of it, to the Zoological Society. Some companies match the entire donation, and some match only the tax-deductible portion of your donation. Please check with your company.