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H2O for Elephants

2020-21 Annual Appeal

Currently the Zoo’s elephant pool is emptied and filled one day per week to clean it, stop algae growth and remove debris. When this happens Ruth, Brittany and Belle cannot be outdoors; they must stay inside.

African elephantOur plan is to build a water filtration system for the elephants’ pool. Here are the benefits:

  • The “girls” will have outdoor access more often, allowing you to see them enjoy their habitat.
  • Fresh water is important for the elephants to drink, bathe, splash and make mud. (They love to make mud.)
  • To dump and fill the pool requires an entire day; first it is emptied, cleaned and then it is refilled. That’s an entire day the elephants need to be indoors.
  • The pool holds about 100,000 gallons of water so a filtration system would save the Zoo time, energy and resources. The Zoo could save 3.6 million gallons of water each year. What a great way to put conservation into action.
  • The pool provides hours of enrichment time for the elephants. (Did we mention they like to make mud?)

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